My computer finally died.

The screen, to be precise. And I’ve known it was coming.

I’ve owned this Dell Inspiron laptop for about five years and it’s been great. I had to replace the motherboard (under warranty) just before I submitted my thesis (yak!) in 2004, and I’m on my second battery. It survived being in the trunk of my car when I was rear-ended outside of Charlotte, NC and came through with just a slight gap in the casing.

But a few months ago, the screen started to look pink at startup. Then one of the hinges on the top broke and I was only able to hold the lid in a couple of (open) positions, or else I had to lean it against the wall. Yesterday, my screen started going black 30-45 seconds after startup. Everytime. Plus my battery was wearing out. I.e., not worth repairing.

I had been toying with going back to Mac. Michael got one for Christmas and it’s very sexy, but I have enough PC apps to make it a pain to switch, and there is always the possibility that I might go back to work, likely not into a Mac environment. So I pulled out the Consumer Reports back issue on laptops and sure enough, Dell is still near or at the top. I put in my order this morning and should have my new Spring Green satin-finish Inspiron 1720 (with matching soft case!) early next week.

I’ve been good about backing up all my files, and have made a list of all the software I will need to install when it arrives. I can still use my current machine if I plug it into Alex’s monitor (which is what I’m doing now). So it should be straightforward to transfer all my data over our wireless network, right?

I’ll keep you posted.

Your thoughts?

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