Fridge o’ plenty!

We got our first delivery from Green Earth Organics (GEO) yesterday. During the winter, the pickings are pretty slim and (obviously) not so local. But this is what we got in our big plastic tote box:

4 honey tangerines
5 macintosh apples (ON)
2 grapefruit
baby bok choy
beets (QC)
carrots (QC)
yellow onions
green leaf lettuce
russet potatoes (ON)
red chard

It’s not enough produce for our family for a week, but we can easily supplement as we need to on our regular grocery runs. I am looking forward to experimenting with vegetables that I don’t typically (or ever) buy. We put some of the fennel in our salad last night. I’m going to make the chard with Parmesan cheese and garlic as part of our Good Friday fasting meal. I have no idea what to do with the bok choy!

GEO posts the weekly list of produce on their website, so I can plan ahead. They also permit substitutions of up to four items so I may try to up the fruit-veg-ratio to satisfy my hungry teens.

Your thoughts?

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