Easter Plans

My niece Magali has come from Montreal to spend the weekend with us. She’s gone skiing with Z and the boys today, leaving me with lots of time to do some Easter cooking.

So far today, I’ve made

Granola (still in the slow-cooker)
Granola bars
Nanaimo bars (for Easter dinner)
Cream of asparagus soup (for today’s fasting meals)

Still to go:

Pound cake for trifle (Easter dinner)
Pack up goodies from Easter bunny for Sunday morning

Tomorrow I need to buy the lamb and a few other things for dinner prep. We are having Z’s cousin Ghassan (“Gus”) and his wife and two teens for Easter dinner at midday on Sunday as Magali flies back to Montreal late Sunday afternoon. Our menu will be:

Antipasto (proscuitto with pears, pate, salmon mousse, homemade crusty bread)

Roast lamb, mashed potato casserole, green beans, beets(?), green salad (brought by Gus)

Traditional English trifle (made with pound cake, sherry, fruit, custard, whipped cream, toasted almonds.)
Nanaimo bars.

Your thoughts?

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