Dinos and Darwin

The boys and I headed downtown to the Royal Ontario Museum today. Z and I had purchased a membership a few months ago but had never been back. With the boys off on March break and the dull grey rainy day, it was a perfect opportunity to take advantage of our free admission. We left the car at a park ‘n ride lot and took the subway to avoid paying downtown parking.

The fabulous ROM dinosaurs have recently been re-exhibited after the mega-reno that the museum recently underwent. It’s a wonderful collection and a very impressive display that moves smoothly from dinosaurs through modern plant and animal life.

The other exhibit we saw was called Darwin: The Evolution Revolution. It was an interesting amalgam of his scientific pursuits and personal history of his life and times.

Michael also spent some time in the Asian galleries. He is a Japanophile, and is studying Japanese on Saturday mornings at a downtown school.

It has been challenging to find outings (like this) that engage our (now) teenage boys, and today the ROM delivered.

Your thoughts?

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