It’s been five weeks…

…of distraction and confusion. So no blogging.

The lads are in their second and final week of their spring break. We did a little circuit of Kingston, Montreal, and Ottawa over the past week. In particular, we wanted to visit Queen’s University, a potential destination for Alex in a year and a half. It’s the school where Z and I met, and we both remember it with immense fondness. He invited his former thesis supervisor out for a drink and caught up on all the department comings and goings.

Alex really likes the campus and town and Queen’s is very high on his list of potential schools. He had been heading for Mathematics (like his ma and pa) but is now considering the Math and Engineering program that is unique to Queen’s (in Canada).

We spent some time in Old Montreal, and visited our niece Magali who has come to Montreal from France to work for a (French) company. She lives in Boucherville and will spend the Easter weekend with us here in Toronto.

We also visited Saad, a cousin of Z’s, along with his wife Dima and two young sons Phillip and Andrew, who I hadn’t seen for years.

In Ottawa, we stayed with my mother and spent time with my sister and her family. Even though her children are younger than mine, it’s great for them to spend some time together. My mom has a pool in her condo building and it’s a great way for them to hang out together. My sister and I got some time to chat in the hot tub while the men-folk managed the children in the pool.

We got home last night, picking up Wilson from the kennel on our way in to town. So today’s been laundry and groceries and taxes.

But it’s good to be home.

Your thoughts?

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