Book Mooch

I recently joined Book Mooch, an international book swapping site that lets you get rid of the books you no longer want and “mooch” books from others. When we lived in Atlanta, I was a huge user of and was able to do a huge refresh of my home library. But it’s only available to people living in the US.

I’ve placed a Book Mooch widget on my sidebar that shows the five books most recently added to my inventory (books that I want to give away). The first day I joined, I had three mooch requests and sent those books off right away.

Unfortunately, shipping in Canada is extremely expensive so I’m not sure whether this will be worth it in the long run. In the US, the “Media Mail” category lets you ship a book (or other media) of up to a pound for under $2. Here in Canada, it’s something like $8.00. Unless I can find another way to ship, this exercise may be short lived except for rare or hard to find books.

Your thoughts?

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