Headache Update.

Well, there isn’t really one. ‘Cos I haven’t had a headache since staring my new eliminate-every-food-I-love diet.

The big issues for me have been avoiding caffeine, cheese, yogurt/sour cream, nuts, onions, and citrus. During week one, I cut back to one cup of coffee a day, and today is my first morning completely off the pot, so to speak. Plus no more diet crack, no more regular tea. The diet guru doesn’t even want you to drink decaf products as they still have a little caffeine in them (apparently). So I’ve switched to ginger ale (Vernors) and rooibos tea.

No chocolate (other that white) is a little sacrifice, although truth be told, I’m not really a chocolate fiend. I have hidden a little box of Petit Lu white chocolate biscuits for when I have a craving (and to keep my children’s hands off them.)

Cheese is killing me. I’m allowed cream cheese, ricotta, and other unripened cheese. But cheddar? Cambozola? Brie? Ix-nay. This IS really killing me. Particularly with a vegetarian in the household, cheese has become a staple protein here.

And no nuts. No peanut butter. No oranges. I’ve replaced onions with shallots which are acceptable (weirdly), but you need a heck of a lot of the little things to make the equivalent of a diced onion.

Okay. Enough whining. The fact of the matter is that I have been waking up every morning without the tiny headache that sometimes went away after I’ve had breakfast (read, coffee) and sometimes escalated into a migraine. My energy level seems much more even. I still have a little sinus tightness, but not nearly as bad as before.

So I will stick with this diet for a couple of months and then slowly add back in some of the eliminated foods to see what I can tolerate. And in the meantime, if I get a migraine, I know that I can count on my new wonder drug.

Your thoughts?

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