On the bright side, I’ve found a good (car) body shop…

I bashed my driver’s side mirror while trying to park at the vet yesterday. I don’t even want to explain how I did this but suffice it to say that it has to do with the ubiquitous narrow lanes between buildings here in Toronto.

I drive a fully-loaded 2001 Accord. Which I love. I have been hit a couple of times and have had body work done before, both times in the US. In neither event was I at fault. The first time, I was parked at Pier One in a suburban strip mall and a church secretary hit my right front light and surrounding parts. The second time, I was on the third and last day of our drive from Ottawa to Atlanta and I was rear-ended right outside of Charlotte NC as we (I and the driver behind me) approached an accident scene. I saw it. He didn’t. Nobody was hurt but my laptop, which was sitting at the rear of my trunk, has never quite shut the same. I thought the car would be a write-off but it was repaired for just under $10,000.

This time, it was just me and a narrow lane. I found a CAA-approved body shop not too far from me so I dropped in for an estimate. The gentleman (“Rocco”) who helped me was the original owner who has since passed the business on to his son, but still works there. The original quote to replace my power-and-defrosting mirror was about $450 but by calling around, he found a used one that will save me $120, even taking into account that they will have to paint it. Bless his heart.

It’s amazing how much you (try to) use the driver’s side mirror. I duct-taped it in place so that it wouldn’t dangle in the breeze, but it points to the ground and has two big cracks so it’s pretty much useless at the moment.

Part should arrive and be painted today and they’ll install it while I wait tomorrow.

Your thoughts?

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