Welcome to Moe’s (Part 2)

Alex and I went to Moe’s at Yonge and Eglinton last night for dinner. I mentioned Moe’s a couple of months ago as a favorite Atlanta fast food haunt, and now they’re in TO!

Alexa posted that she’d been there a couple of nights ago and so it seemed an obvious choice for our Friday night order-in/eat-out routine, so off we went. As it turns out, she was at a whole diff’rent location out in the west end, so they must be moving in on the Canadian food scene (okay, Toronto at least).

I had my usual (Ruprict, or vegetarian nachos for the uninitiated) and Alex had Joey Bag of Donuts (honkin’ big burrito). The tortilla chips were saltier than those in Atlanta, but otherwise the food was a clone. And that’s a good thing. I probably had an order on average every two weeks over a four year period, so I feel that I can speak with some authority on the food. It was great.

Your thoughts?

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