Going out for the team

The school snowboard team tryouts are today, and so I made the 6 a.m. drive to meet the bus in the school parking lot with Michael and his gear.

Short moment of panic on the way home when I could not recall any ski-socks having been packed, but a quick call to Michael confirmed that he was in fact wearing said socks, so he was okay. He did however forget his mp3 player so he will likely nap on the bus on the way to the resort.

He is the only grade seven student trying out, and he hasn’t been boarding very long, so who knows what will happen. But kudos to him for being there. This is very much encouraged at the school…try out for anything in which you are remotely interested.

In the morning there will be a clinic with a pro, and then the time trials are in the afternoon. So it certainly won’t be a wasted day (not to mention the “side benefit” of missing a day of school.) Not sure about the snow conditions with all the rain and mild weather, but at least it’s a level playing field. They’ll arrive back at the school around 4:30 this afternoon, likely very tired and rosy cheeked. Which is great.

Your thoughts?

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