Heavenly Podcast

I had been having problems with my old iPod. The wheel was wonky and so I really hadn’t been using it much for the past couple of months.

Over the holidays, through a twist of fate, I was blessed with an iPod touch, quite a fabulosity I must say, and my children are quite jealous.

Anyway, I’m catching up with all the podcasts I’d missed over the past weeks and want to once again recommend Two Edge Talk, a very interesting Catholic podcast (although definitely NOT just for Catholics) put together by Cyndi, a homeschooling mom and, Deacon Tim, a father of 6 and former director of Catholic Charities in his diocese. They always have an interesting discussion and I listened to three of their weekly shows this afternoon while running errands and cooking.

It’s available at iTunes (free) as well as directly from their website.

Your thoughts?

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