Vacation continues…

The boys were invited for a day of snowboarding with some extended family, so they headed off to Horseshoe Resort at 7:30 yesterday morning. Z and I did some work around the house, a little shopping, and then I folded laundry while we watched Mr Smith Goes to Washington that had been picked up by Tivo.

The boys were delayed returning because one of their cousins twisted her knee quite badly and they all headed to the hospital closest to the resort and spent a couple of hours there waiting for tests to be completed. They were exhausted when they finally got home, and crashed pretty much immediately.

I’ve started on a new knitting project, an Irish Hiking Hat. It will use up a leftover ball of Rowan Plaid yarn and is my first foray into cabling. It’s lined with fleece which will mitigate the scratchiness of the yarn. I need to pick up some circular needles today to finish it off, and then I’d like to start a pair of socks.

Your thoughts?

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