Urban parking

Living (once again) in an urban area, we deal with on-street parking issues. Our house, being on a corner, is blessed with space for 2+ vehicles. Most houses in this area have space for one car; city bylaws only permit one car to be parked in a driveway in front of a residence. Many lots share lanes to the rear of the houses that are too narrow to permit parking at the behind the house. Some houses have no off-street parking at all. So the city issues a limited number of on-street parking permits to residents.

Without a permit, street parking is time-restricted and, in the winter, overnight parking is not allowed, presumably for snow removal purposes.

We have been aware of a late-model vehicle parked across the street from us continuously for at least the past three weeks. It was there before the first major snowfall this winter and had not moved since. It was effectively blocked into it’s spot with the snowbanks created by the snowplows .

A couple of nights ago, cars without permits all down our street were ticketed, including the plowed-in vehicle across from us. I had worries in the back of my mind that it belonged to a neighbour who was ill or worse, or perhaps it was a stolen vehicle that had been dumped there. It was a one of the auto makes that frequently appear on the “most stolen vehicles” lists. So we jotted down the plate number and I emailed our police division about it. I have never felt like such a busybody. I do NOT keep track of my neighbours comings and goings, but for whatever reason, this vehicle had been pressing on my psyche for some time.

Within four hours of my email, the vehicle had disappeared. We didn’t notice a tow truck or individual come to drive it away, but the snow banks appeared undisturbed so it’s not even clear how the car was removed, other than driven/towed down the sidewalk.

I guess we will never know why such a nice car had been left in the cold for so long. I don’t even know for sure that it was the police that dealt with it. But why does it feel so weird to look out my kitchen window and NOT see it anymore?

Update: Got an email from Police Services this morning stating that the car is not listed as stolen and that they will look in to it. I replied stating that the car was now gone, and thanking them for their reply. Hmmm. Guess it was some cosmic coincidence that car owner retrieved his vehicle when he did.

Your thoughts?

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