Board/Ski Day

The boys had a great day yesterday at Mount Saint Louis Moonstone. There was lots of well-groomed snow, and Alex and Michael boarded from 9 to 4, just before closing. Z did some work in the morning and then rented some skis and took a lesson in the afternoon. He enjoyed it so much, that he and Alex are off to hit the boxing day sales to pick up some skis.

My brother and his family headed up to the cottage around 1:00 pm yeserday in something of a snow storm, but he managed to get a good deal on a 4WD Highlander, so he likely won’t need the sand he packed in the trunk to help him over the cottage road. I finished up a library book that’s due back shortly, and napped in the afternoon before the guys returned.

Today, I’m working my way through seven loads of laundry that has piled up over the past week, and plan to watch some old movies with my mom while I fold. This morning, I cooked and milled some old-ish apples into applesauce and made a pie with some exceedingly tart granny smith apples that Z picked up yesterday afternoon. They are really too sour to eat, so they will likely get baked or milled over the next few days. We’ve pretty much finished up all the holiday leftovers (except for excessive amounts of chocolate from all the corporate gifts Z received,) so I may possibly have to consider cooking dinner tonight.

Laundry Status:

Table Linens
Light Colours
Dark (1)

Your thoughts?

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