Snow, beautiful, snow

Well, it’s beautiful to me because I have done nary a second of shovelling.

We’ve been hard hit, here in Toronto, and there is no doubt that winter has arrived to stay. We declared yesterday a “family snow day” since our only obligation (mass) was impossible to get to given the weather and state of the streets. Even a 15 minute walk to a neighbouring parish was out of the question with the high winds and blowing snow. So we stayed put, did personal devotions, and a lot of house organization in preparation for the holidays.

Late afternoon, although the snow was still coming down, Z and the boys did the shovelling. It was hard work….we got probably 20-30 cm of snow (8-12 inches for my non-metric readers). We have a large deck, driveway, and long sidewalk (we’re on a corner lot) so the three of them were outside for over an hour. The snow-plow went down our street last night but pushed snow onto the other side of the street (blocking in street-parked cars and driveways), but kept our side of the street clear. Whew! That would have meant a lot of shovelling this morning again.

For the first time in my memory, we ran out of milk and no-one felt like walking to the store last night, so it was eggs, toast and applesauce for breakfast this morning instead of the usual cereal.

I’ve gotta hit the street today and get groceries. I need milk to bake, plus we’re out of fruit. I also have another load of stuff to take to Goodwill, and a gift to exchange, a duplicate that I just found out about.

The boy are continuing with exams this week. Alex has four down and four to go, and is writing French and Religion today. Michael has three down and three to go (writing French today). So they spent much of their time this weekend hitting the books and having Z and I quiz them. They’ll both be relieved at the end of the week when the exams are done and holidays begin.

Your thoughts?

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