Baking for Boys

My teenagers are constantly foraging for food. They are both lean and active, so the calories aren’t really a problem. It’s the empty calories and sugar rush that worry me. I bake every three days or so, but stuff just disappears. I tried freezing half batches of cookies to stave off the tide, but it didn’t really slow them down.

So I decided to go high fibre.

I pulled out an old cookbook called The Oat and Wheat Bran Health Plan that has recipes for what the authors term “breakfast cookies”. With a glass of milk, a couple of these are equivalent to eating a bowl of cereal but without all the additives. Each cookie typically has about 5 grams of fibre and are quite tasty, although without the sugar/fat rush of typical cookies. The boys go a little slower through these, I don’t mind if they eat them for breakfast, and they’re filling.

I’ve made the Double Chocolate and the Banana recipes and both were good. Next up will be Applesauce cookies.

Your thoughts?

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