Sunday Music Report

Today was the feast of Christ the King, and the smell of incense as I entered the church was wonderful. The priest at our previous parish incensed at every opportunity, but his was the first time I’d smelled incense since we moved to Toronto.

I know that in general, choirs don’t appreciate incense, but in my current parish, the choir is in a loft at the back of the church so it was very non-offensive. This was the first Sunday that we processed. We sang Good Christians All, Rejoice and Sing/Christ the King (386 and 387 in Catholic Book of Worship III).

During the Offertory, we sang A Time for All Things by Douglas E Wagner. During Communion, we were supposed to do Salvator Mundi by Thomas Tallis, but we only had 2 sopranos this morning, one of whom was here for the first time, so we did a quick switch to Elgar’s Ave Verum which apparently was known to most choir members.

The recessional was Crown Him with Many Crowns, a favourite from my Pioneer Camp days.

Your thoughts?

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