No music…just for a day.

Yesterday was No Music Day in Britain. An idea long overdue. Great commentary over at entitled “The divine sound of silence“.

I love music. I sing, play the piano, and enjoy most genres of music. But I hate music being foisted upon me everywhere I go. The last straw was the music piped into the outdoor parking area at the self-described “upscale European-style mall” near our previous house in Atlanta.

Unlike many of my family and friends, I don’t typically have the radio (or television) on when I am at home by myself. I find it difficult to read the paper with the radio on. I crave silence. It lets me think. I am constantly turning off noisemakers in the house. The only time I regularly reach for the radio dial is in the car….perhaps because I can’t read or surf while driving.

I love iPods because my children can listen to their own music in the car while I play classic rock through the car stereo. Or nothing at all.

Your thoughts?

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