I’m younger than I thought!

In a recent post, Alexa reminded me of the Real Age test. I watched Drs. Oz and Roizen on Oprah a couple of weeks ago touting their new book You: Staying Younger. I have both of their previous You books (You: The Owner’s Manual and You: On a Diet) and think they’re great. The two part show on staying younger was very informative.

Now, I’m not someone who is in any way looking for the fountain of youth. I have no anxieties whatsoever about the end of life, and am looking forward to eternal bliss. But for the time I’m here on earth, I want to be fit and energetic, two adjectives that have not always described me well.

The docs have a Real Age test on line that covers a bunch of health and fitness questions, and then calculates your “Real Age”, or, where you are statistically relative to the expected life span of someone your age. They also refer to it as “biological age”)

I took the test and was pleased to find out that despite a calendar age of 47.4 years, my “RealAge” is 43.8. The test results come with lots of ideas for improving your Real Age, none of which I’ve implemented yet. But I’ll get on it…

Your thoughts?

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