Arghh..another missed opportunity.

One of perks of being married to a corporate exec is the occasional freebie cultural or sporting event. He took the kids to the Formula 1 race in Toronto this summer, courtesy of business connections, and they were in some gold seating area and got pit tours etc.

Also this summer, he was offered two tickets to see the Police in a corporate suite. He was out of town and I was at the cottage so we had to pass. He got tickets to a Toronto Raptors game this week for he and Alex, but will be away at an off-site meeting (working SO hard in the wine capital of Ontario, Niagara-on-the-Lake) so that’s been cancelled.

This morning he tells me that he was offered two tickets to see Stevie Wonder on the 12th, again in a suite, and he will AGAIN be out of town on business.

Now THAT hurts….

Your thoughts?

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