The fight against consumerism

This is an area that I’ve struggled with for a long time. I’m one of those “next new things” kinda gals. My eyes are attracted (distracted?) by the shiny and fresh. I like technology, design, efficiency, and, well, newness. This is diabolical recipe for accumulating a LOT of stuff.

Zen Habits never fails to make me think. Daily. And today, a guest blogger provides “9 Tips to Throw off the Chains of Consumerism.” He begins by reminding us

You already have everything you need. Those of us lucky enough to have been born in this time period in the Western world are experiencing an abundance few of our ancestors could have claimed. Food, clean water, shelter, law and order are almost guaranteed.

Why doesn’t it feel this way? Despite this amazing abundance, why are so many people dissatisfied? Are we doomed to always want more than we have, even if it won’t bring us more happiness?

Go there to read the rest (and get the 9 tips!).

Your thoughts?

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