Found: efficiency in the medical system

My new family doc here in Toronto strongly encouraged me to have regular mammograms, even though I’m not (quite) 50 yet. I had believed that for women 40-50, the evidence of increased survival due to mammography was not there, but he convinced me that in recent years, it’s become clearly of benefit.

So I headed off to my local Screening Center for what turned out to be a very pleasant and quick procedure. I was at the clinic for all of 10 minutes. This included some initial paperwork, waist-up disrobing and gown, 4 thankfully quick xrays in the plexiglass vise(!), wait until they develop to make sure they’re okay, dress and leave. The parking attendant didn’t even charge me because I had only been in the lot for 15 minutes.

Now if the medical laboratory system could figure out a way to get me in and out for blood work in 15 minutes, I’d be even more happy.

Your thoughts?

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