Giving thanks for rest from meal prep

Z is taking this week off to get some stuff down around the house. He loves to cook, but typically isn’t home in time to help out during the week. He’s been doing some cooking on weekends, when I arrive late home from mass because of choir etc.

But this weekend, perhaps feeling good about his upcoming week off, he decided to plan the three dinners (Sat, Sun, and Mon) and enlisted Michael to help out. They planned, did all the shopping, and prepared the first of three great meals last night.

We had deep fried calamari, an artichoke-tomato-black olive tapenade on slices of toasted french bread, and roasted potatoes and zucchini. We were supposed to have broiled salmon but we were all too full at that point so it’s still in the fridge. We ended with apple-pear-sauce using some of our beautiful fresh Ontario fruit. (I helped out with the stand mixer food strainer attachment.) And a couple of glasses of Argento, an Argentinian red wine (Malbec), that Z enjoyed on a number of Air Canada flights.

Tonight is homemade pizza. I helped out with getting the bread maker set up to make the dough, but otherwise, I’m hands off. Tomorrow is tuna casserole.

I’m so lucky!

Your thoughts?

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