Eckhart on Obedience

The first part of this book


is called “Counsels on Discernment” and are conversations that Eckhart had with young men who asked him about things as they sat at “collation” (meals).

Counsel 1 is titled “About True Obedience” and I have been thinking about this for the past couple of days. In particular

In true obedience there should be no trace of “I want it so, or so,” or “I want this or that,” but there should be a pure going out from what is yours. And therefore, in the best of all prayers that a man can pray, there should not be “Give me this virtue, or that way of life,” or “Yes, Lord, give me yourself, or give me everlasting life,” but “Lord, give me nothing but what you will, and do, Lord, whatever and however you will in every way.(emphasis added)

So how does this play out in real life? Does the Lord know what is on my heart, those things that are burdening me and that I talk to him about on a regular basis? Should I stop naming them and asking for resolution?

Perhaps I name them, and ask that his will be done. That I will accept whatever he places before me in these situations. And be obedient to his will.

Your thoughts?

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