Season’s almost over

One of the huge advantages of living in Toronto is ready access, in major supermarkets, to local fruit. Now, I know that there’s a faction of people out there who “eat-only-that-produced-within-100-km” or something. But hey….this is better than my experience south of the border.

Having spent five years in Georgia, I was lucky to find anything from my own state in a local supermarket produce department, or even from adjacent states (Florida oranges excluded). In all five years we were there, I NEVER tasted a peach as good as Ontario peaches, and the peach is the state fruit.

The boys are going through a couple of these 4 litre baskets of Bartlett pears a week. At about 18 pears for $4.99, that’s about 28 cents apiece for an economical, healthy snack.

The season is almost over. I didn’t think it was possible to tire of Ontario peaches, but we did. We gorged while we could.

Your thoughts?

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