Quiche for dinner

We’ve been eating vegetarian-style at home since Michael gave up meat a couple of months ago, and are finding it very pleasant, not to mention easy on the budget. He still eats fish, seafood and dairy (although he is moving to soy milk as much as possible.)

In planning meals for this week, we had some eggs to use up, lots of broccoli, and a large package of smoked salmon that I got on sale, so I decided to make a quiche.

Allrecipes, my usual source for new recipes, didn’t have anything. So I googled “quiche smoked salmon broccoli” and came up with a delicious sounding “Smoked Salmon Quiche” from the Timberholm Inn in Stowe, Vermont via the 1st Traveler’s Choice Internet Cookbook (recipe here).

My frozen ready-made pie shell cracked on one of the edges during pre-cooking. I probably should have gone for the name-brand shells, but whatever. The quiche cooked very nicely, except that the egg mixture overflowed the crust during baking. I suspect brand-name shells may be a little deeper so they may in fact be a better choice.

But the recipe is a keeper….the boys each had seconds. Just a little bit left for my lunch tomorrow!

Your thoughts?

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