Food find of the day

I drove the lads to school today because Michael had two large bags of food to take to take in for their annual (Canadian) Thanksgiving food drive. Their school is right beside a very large Loblaws so I took the opportunity to pick up a few things.

Michael has recently discovered frozen No-Name Bean and Cheese Burritos to be an excellent snack, comprised of his essential food groups (protein and fibre) and none of the forbidden (meat). He had eaten the last one for breakfast and had dutifully added them to my grocery list.

There they were in the freezer case, priced at $1.19. Each. I love the boy, but that seemed like a lot of cash for a single mass-produced burrito, so I passed them by. On my way home, I dropped into the No Frills around the corner from home. It’s a Loblaws company store that tends to be smaller, with less decor, less choice, and better prices. Sure ’nuff…those exact same burritos were $0.77. I scored a box of 12.

Your thoughts?

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