Satuday School

For some months now, Michael has wanted to learn Japanese and has been asking me to find him lessons. This comes out of his love of videogames, manga, and all things Asian, Japanese in particular.

I wasn’t able locate lessons anywhere remotely close to us in Atlanta, and with the impending move, I just put it off. Two weeks ago, we registered at the Toronto Japanese Language School, and he had his first class last week. His (beginner) group is more or less a “teen” class, with about 18 students ranging in age from 10 to 20 years. The class runs for tw0-and-a-half hours every Saturday morning, through the school year. It was clear at registration that the classes are a very multi-cultural bunch, and not only children of Japanese parents as I thought they might be. He very much enjoyed the first class and headed off this morning for the second one, at which he’ll get his textbook.

He wants to live and work in Japan. This is one of the steps toward that goal, that he has identified on his own, and that he is actively pursuing. I am very gratified to see him working towards goals at his young age. He is becoming more and more independent, in a very healthy way, and I am very proud of him.

Your thoughts?

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