I pulled three yard waste bags of….

….oregano out of my garden this morning. I have delayed doing this because I don’t tolerate the sun very well. This morning was bright but cool…perfect for working outside.

Apparently, a number of years ago, we had a beautiful garden. The previous owners let it go wild (pretty much). One of my neighbours told me that the man of the house would just mow the whole thing down when it got too overgrown.

It had been taken over by oregano. This plant had covered most of the intended ground cover (vinca minor), and had grown up some of the plants, getting intertwined with them. Because we are on a corner lot, the garden is all out there for glorious display to everyone in the neighborhood, so this morning I finally tackled the oregano…what I’m thinking of as the top layer of disarray.

On our small lot I pulled three tightly packed yard waste bags full of it. My back is going to be sore tomorrow (it’s feeling sore as I speak), but it looks miles better. Now I just have to identify which of the remaining plants are weeds, what should be pruned, and what should be left alone.

Your thoughts?

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