Tivo’s back!

I got the Tivo up and running a few days ago. There were some technical details to work out to get it hooked up here in Canada, for both hardware and software.

On the hardware front, we managed to lose a key cable in our move, an IR blaster. It allows the Tivo to change the channel on our cable box by simulating a remote control’s infrared beam. I had to order it from the US, which meant setting up a new Paypal account (since our American one doesn’t apply any more).

Tivo service is now available in Canada but it required reprogramming the box, and a really hard reboot. I had to perform some secret sequence of button pushes, get the Tivo equivalent of the blue-screen-of-death (it’s green), and then restart.

It’s working like a dream now.

Tivo has added some new features, including Guru Guides, that you can configure to automatically record programs recommended by various sources. I have the AFI 100 Years 100 Movies guide which has grabbed two movies so far. I also have Salon.com guide, which has picked up a very interesting little series from AMC called Mad Men. It’s about a bunch of advertising executives in 1960s New York. Lots of smoking and drinking and women making dinner in foofy dresses and heels. I’ve seen two episodes to date, but I hope the Tivo picks up some reruns because there’s some back-story that I can’t figure out.

With the new television season starting, Tivo means we can watch our favorite shows, skip the ads, and not be tied to the broadcast schedule.

Your thoughts?

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