Speaking of numbers….

….the IRS owes us over $6000 US from our 2006 taxes. We filed our return by the April deadline, and haven’t received a cheque (well, “check” I guess). I went online to find out what the status of the refund was and was told to call the office. The person who helped me stated that there was some information missing, but she couldn’t figure out what it was. After 30 minutes, she stated that she would “write herself an inquiry that would give her 30 days to get back to me.” She told me that even though there is information missing, there is no evidence that a formal notice has gone out to me to collect said information.

My suspicion is that my new Social Security Number has thrown them for a loop. Up until last year, the boys and I had Tax ID numbers which are SSN-like number for those who don’t have the right to have a “real” SSN (like those on alien visas). We got our SSNs right after we got Permanent Residence, and that’s what we used to file our taxes. My guess is that there is some disconnect with our file due to this change.

I will be very welcome when it arrives.

Your thoughts?

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