So now I know my numbers

I had my “FA” at Curves today, which I assumed meant “fitness assessment” but it actually means “figure analysis”. Ouchie. The gal was very nice and nothing hurt. Except psychically. Those numbers. BMI and Body Fat Percentage. I’m in the “overweight” category for the former (no surprise) and the “poor to very poor” category for the latter. (Okay, a little surprise.) And I couldn’t even bring myself to look at the various circumference measurements that she was writing down in my file.

The good news is that early next month they’re bringing in a new computerized system that personalizes your workout on each machine. It will be great…motivating and all that. Tomorrow I go for my first workout and then I’m flying.

My goal is to get 15 pounds off by Christmas.

There, I said it.

Your thoughts?

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