Clean Air

Our house has been incredibly dusty, particularly since the weather cooled and the windows are open. We have never had the amount of dust and grime that we seem to get now, except during the spring pollen season in Atlanta. My suspicion is that the dust is due to all the construction of new homes in the neighborhood. (You can buy a little “tear down” and build a micro-castle, and sell it for triple the purchase price in these parts.) In particular, a demolition took place yesterday just up the street and I suspect it generated a ton of airborne grime.

Z had been complaining about the dust in his throat and we started talking about getting an air filter for the house. Last night it dawned on me that we have a whole house filter attached to our furnace, but since the furnace has not been on, it hasn’t been running. I started it up last night, with the furnace off/fan on, and Z noticed a big difference by this morning.

Unfortunately, it means keeping the windows closed.

Daily dusting and vacuuming vs. windows closed? My choice is clear. I can sit on the porch or walk the dog if I need some fresh air!

Your thoughts?

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