What do you think?

Our parish bulletin had an ad for a Women’s Weekend Retreat at a local center in October. I am “due” for a retreat, NEED a retreat, have promised myself a retreat.

The title is “Discovering the Mystic in All of Us”. Does that sound icky to anyone else? My flake-sensors are on alert.

My past (Catholic) retreat experience has been at Ignatius House in Atlanta, silent, preached, orthodox for the most part. The weekends were great times of renewal for me, and that’s what I need right now?

Suggestions? In the Toronto area?

2 thoughts on “What do you think?

  1. Mississaugua has retreats at times at the Queen of Apostles Renewal Centre. I’ve been on two retreats there – they aren’t as good as the ones I used to go on in Mobile, Alabama – silent Visitation Monastary, *sigh* but they were fine enough. I just sent for information about one they’re having in October too – 26th – 28th. Not sure what it’s about.Mystic in all of us? That sounds too weird to me too. (And possibly not kosher)QofA sometimes has some weird things there too – so I try to be careful. Nothing says I have to go to the talks though – I can stay by myself and make it my own little private retreat if I want to!Good food too. Gotta say that about it! —- Alexa

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