Family in town

Our niece/cousin who currently lives in Montreal visited with us this weekend. She’s 20-something, the daughter of Zs older sister who lives in a suburb of Paris. She works for a French (dairy products) company and is in Canada for a few years.

She arrived Saturday at noon and after lunch, we took her on a little car tour of Toronto. Having only lived here for a couple of months, I’m not very good at the car tour…I don’t really have a route that shows off the glamour that is Toronto (ahem) but we hit some of the high points. Z arrived home from his week in Asia around supper and we headed off for shawarma in North York. The restaurant was recommended by a commenter at Chowhound, but it was very ordinary. We haven’t found anywhere in Toronto that beats any of a half dozen Shawarma places in Ottawa, including our fave, Shawarma Palace.

Sunday we lounged around before mass at 11:30, and then went downtown to Milestones for an extremely yummy brunch. (I had the Grilled Shrimp California Benedict: Spicy house-made avocado salsa, double-smoked bacon, large grilled shrimp, covered with hollandaise, with homefries, and an espresso.) A quick browse at Chapters and then we dropped niece and older son off at the CN tower. (Ignore the bits at the link that say it’s the world’s tallest structure….Dubai just pwned us.) M, Z and I went for a walk along the waterfront, unsuccessfully seeking gelato. A beautifully sunny and breezy afternoon.

Your thoughts?

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