A just reward? I think so.

I mentioned my little housekeeping checklist a few days ago, the one that reminds me to do all those little chores that I wouldn’t even think about. One of the nice aspects to it is a gentle approach to cleaning out the fridge. One or two shelves a week, or something like that.

I neglected to do a few of the items on last weeks list, one of which was “Clean bottom shelf of fridge.” Today, I was instructed to clean out the fridge drawers so I did said shelf at the same time, and what did I find way back there? A half bar of French white chocolate with hazelnuts, carefully wrapped, that must have slipped down the back of the shelves. A little prize for housekeeping diligence, I would say. Had it for my lunch time dessert with a big glass of milk.

Your thoughts?

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