I took the plunge…

….and walked in to my local Curves franchise. It’s two and a half blocks from home, and I REALLY need to get back into shape. This last year of moving stress, months of Z living in TO without us, and then our sudden downsizing, have all served to pack on the stress-pounds. Not to mention my ATL doctor fiddling with my thyroxine dose just before I left town. I’ve got to get rid of 20 pounds. Even 15 would be great.

I belonged to Curves for a number of months in Georgia and it worked well for me. Then, Z signed us all up for a Y family membership and it seemed silly to continue at a different fitness venue. But I didn’t like the Y. I don’t like to wait for machines, I didn’t like Fox News on all the TVs, I don’t like having to THINK about working out. That’s the beauty of Curves…it’s idiot proof. I can daydream or plan or say the rosary or blank right out, and still get a decent workout.

My fitness assessment is next week. Yay!

Did I mention it’s only two and a half blocks from home?

Your thoughts?

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