True confession: I never learned any housekeeping skills as a young woman.

There you have it.

Running a household always seemed like an afterthought, and our home showed it, in spades.

Since returning home from outside employment when we moved to the ATL five years ago, it became more and more clear that I did not have a clue. And so it’s been a learning process for me, one that has actually been rather fun and satisfying.

One of the nice little tools that I’ve come across is the houshold chore planner published by Motivated Moms. It comes in a variety of formats, but essentially gives me a daily list of stuff to do so that the entire house gets cleaned over some reasonable period of time. Sort of like Flylady but without all the email. I don’t necessarily do everything on the exact day it’s noted, but I try to get most stuff done within the weekly timeframe.

Today, I wiped down the California Shutters in my kitchen and family room. There is was, on the list. “Clean blinds/curtains – living room.” It would not have occurred to me, barring some bizarre spillage involving red wine hurled against the window, to actually clean these things. But sure ’nuff, they were FILTHY!

Clean shutters shouldn’t be a souce of such happiness, but darn it…I can’t stop looking at them!

Your thoughts?

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